Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spend vs. Save

 A customer will stop in and say:
"I want a sculpted 3D car cake for my son's 3rd birthday."
 When we say, "$375-$600 to serve 20 people" usually we get a GASP!

Most people think we are trying to take you for all you're worth.  But we're not, I promise.  It's like going to the BMW dealership with a $10,000 budget.  It just doesn't add up.  It takes lots and lots of time- usually 6-12 hours to complete a car cake!

We want to help you AND work within your budget, because EVERYONE has a budget and THAT IS OK!

Here are three examples of the same Lightning McQueen themed cakes:

Hand Made Applique: This cake uses a 2D flat sugarpaste, handmade Lightning McQueen who sits flat on the cake, cost for this cake: 8" serves 14-16 people: $44.

Sugar Car on Cake: This cake uses a 3D sugarpaste (completely edible), handmade Lightning McQueen who sits in 3D on top of a cake, complete with racing flag base, cost for this cake: 8" serves 14-16 people: $68.

Full Sculpted Cake: We take rectangular cakes and hand sculpt them into the 3D Lightning McQueen, so the car is the CAKE! Cost for this cake: serves 20 people: $350

Your best bet is: Be Honest About Your Budget!  We can usually work something out so that you get the theme or design you are looking for within that price range!

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