Monday, September 5, 2011

Gluten-Free Cakes & Alternatives

Gluten intolerance are on the rise these last few years and we have lots of brides and customers looking for gluten-free cakes or alternatives to cakes! 

We most definitely make gluten free wedding cakes, or just a small cake for the bride or groom to munch on, even simply a dozen cupcakes for family or friends who will not be able to enjoy our traditional cake.  Although our gluten free chocolate cake is mighty tasty, not all guests will understand its different texture and flavor.  So, we've been busily coming up with alternatives and here is one of them:

This GIANT tiered rice crispie cake is the perfect solution!  It can be decorated to fit the event and wedding decor: a spray red rose and tiny orange buds are seen here!  Rice Crispie cakes can serve anywhere from 30, as seen above, to four-tiered wonders to serve 150!

Cupcakes are also a great solution! This wedding  cupcake tree included gluten-free and traditional cupcakes on one stand and the custom printed flavor card on the table indicated which specific decorations were gluten-free cupcakes and which were traditional cupcakes!  So: seashell=gluten-free and starfish=traditional.

If you have a questions about our gluten-free solutions give us a ring 508-763-4905 or email us . 

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