Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Artisan Kitchen's Cake @ Garden of Cakes, Boston Flower Show 2010

Our cake made it to the Boston Flower Show at the Seaport World Trade Center today. Although the rain caused an two and a half hour traffic jam, our cake is safely on display along with 11 other cake designers from around New England.

We must have gone through 40 different design ideas from birds and a nest to branches with small blossoms to an applique design and even a hand painted woodgrain "faux-bois" design. But in the end Jody worked her magic with a classic New England Spring Garden Theme, it was the Garden of Cakes! With all tolled over 20 hours of love, handpainting and sculpting of our completely edible garden adornments on the top of the cake was put into this design. Thank goodness the rain didn't stop us from getting to Boston!

Here is Jody our oh-so-talented artist with our cake in Boston:

A full view of our four tiered garden and a close up of the hand painted garden scene....and finally our Garden Cake Topper: tiny sugar adornments from a garden in bloom: a flower box, a wellie boot and even a trowel and bucket.....

We chose this particular design because we are a small bakery set in the pine trees and stonewalls of the woodland and country setting of the South Coast of Massachusetts, we are lucky to open our windows and hear the birds and look at our beautiful gardens on the property and our cake design reflects that!

A few other cake designers asked if the design was airbrushed, and absolutely not, this is handpainted in food coloring with a "OOO" and "00" brush!

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