Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why We Ask for a Deposit....

Why we ask for a deposit...

Many of our customers have been annoyed by our new policy: a required deposit of 50% on ANY order over $70.00.  In the past, we’ve been incredibly patient with payments and nonchalant about deposits.

Why have the tides turned?
We accepted an order for this cake (see  photo). The customer called once, asked for pricing, we obliged and gave the customer the final date to call and place an order.  She called back on the specified date, gave final changes: a change of date, flavors, colors, and inscription.  She was told that the order was placed and  agreed on a pickup time. We didn’t ask for a deposit as our old policy was no deposits if the order is under $125.00. 

The day came and we waited, and waited.  No pickup.  We called, and called again. Finally, a woman called back (screaming) insisting  she had not placed an order and had only called only once to inquire into pricing.  Now, what are we supposed to do with a giant two tiered cake?

The moral:
The world is full of wonderful people who we love  to see for every special occasion! The world is also full of folks who are not. Unfortunately, these people have won. I know they've ruined it for the rest of you, and I apologize. We just can't absorb the cost of these not-so-nice people, and this isn't the first time this has happened...this is probably the 15-20th.

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