Monday, February 1, 2010

Buttercream Flat Art Cakes: Two Shih Tzus' Dog Cake

Our talented art staff created these two shih tzus' for the top of this cake: one tan & white puppy and one black & white dog. The tan shih tzus was created with a tiny bow!

This cake is one of our custom buttercream flat art designs- many customers ask us for cakes sans the fondant covering and this is a great altnernative to fondant while still having the look of a custom cake.

Here is what the birthday girl had to say about her cake....


My sister Caty purchased my birthday from you and I just wanted
to tell you it was the most moist delicious cake I have ever eaten.

The two shih tzus' that you put on it look like the real thing.

I just wanted to express my thanks.



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