Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tinkerbelle Themed 4th Birthday

Fairy dust, mushrooms, whimsical flowers and leaves adorned this two tiered Tinkbelle themed 4th birthday cake.

Each year we create a spectacular cake for Ava- and this year she was able to choose her own theme-- Tinkerbelle! Jodi (our resident artist) created the mushrooms, daisies, and ribbon roses as well as trays and trays of leaves to cover the cake. My favorite part was the bow- a simple two loop classic bow in a pale lavendar.

Actually my most favorite part of the cake was Ava's individual cake- I think it would make a great topper for a cupcake stand with mushroom and daisy cupcakes below-- watch for that on the blog soon- I think we'll make a sample up for the studio!

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