Monday, May 11, 2009

Signature Graduation Cake

Signature Graduation Cake

10" Round Buttercream Cake with Diploma, Seasonal Flowers in School Colors, and Inscription of Your Choice
Serves 20-25 Large Dessert Slices or 30-35 Small Buffet Slices

Flavors: Vanilla Butter, Devilish Chocolate, Red Velvet or Alternating Layers of Chocolate and Vanilla
Frosting Flavor: Vanilla Buttercream


Additional Sizes and Servings
12" Serves 35-45 Large Dessert Slices or 50-55 Small Buffet Slices $75.00
14" Serves 60-70 Large Dessert Slices or 75-80 Small Buffet Slices $95.00

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