Friday, May 1, 2009

Bridal Shower Cakes: Tiffany Boxes and Brides

What goes together better than Tiffany Boxes and Brides?!?

Weddings are in the air on the South Coast of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and The Islands and bridal showers have been the theme. One cake, our Tiffany Box Stack Cake made it all the way to Newburgh, NY. A very bumpy ride down I-84! The other is a bride. She matched invitation to the event. This cake only scooted over to Marion, MA at a waterfront home on Sippican Harbor.

The Tiffany Box cake was vanilla butter and devilish chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The Bride Cake was alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla with Oreos and Cream filling and Raspberry Marmalade, YUM!

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