Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Cake Question: You Asked, We Answered

When I started baking cakes, I had this misconception that our customers wanted cakes that were totally different than other bakeries in Southeastern Massachusetts. However, they wanted something different on the OUTSIDE, not the INSIDE.

So, after many months of pondering and trying to figure out HOW ON EARTH to make our cakes as moist as a, well I hate to say it, MIX (whew, that's a scary word for me) we've finally accomplished our goal. I'm not going to give away my secrets, but you'll notice how deliciously moist our cakes are!! Even I admit, they taste ssoooo much better.

Thanks to some recipe testing, my very honest taste tester (sometimes too honest) my father, and a few little European and American home cook tricks, we've got it.

If you're wondering whether we got it right or not, mention that you saw this post and we'll give you a sample box of cupcakes free of charge!

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