Friday, October 5, 2012

Oceanfront Weddings

Heat and Humidity + Cake = Acid Reflux for this Baker!

My staff will tell you that I lay awake at night thinking about timing for delivering wedding cakes.  I load up on Prevacid for the summer.  Full panic ensues when I see a temperature over 80 degrees.
A funny thing happened the other day: a Cape Cod summer bride wanted to know why the colors on her cake started to run and a starfish fell off after being outside in the summer for 5 hours.   She seemed disappointed, I felt confused.
I thought: what else would you expect to:
-be baked, frosted, stacked on top of one another and weigh 20 pounds, intricately decorated with 100% edible items, travel in a car over the bumpy road, then sit under a tent outisde in the summer heat for 5 hours, serve 150 people, and last but not least NOW taste really really great AND still look absolutely photo shoot-ready PERFECT?
Want answers? Just take a look at this video:
A few facts:
Buttercream includes butter as an ingredient.
Butter gets soft when stored at room temperature 72 degrees F
Butter completely liquifies at 82.6 degrees F.
The moral of the story: butter melts and that's what makes buttered popcorn taste so good.
Shortening melts at 109 degrees F.
Melted shortening does not taste good.

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