Monday, July 23, 2012

Cake Lingo!

So you book a tasting and you sit down and the designer asks, "So what would you like your wedding cake to look like?  Do you like scrollwork, filigre, quilting, Swiss dots....tell me about your style."  And you think, what the heck is scrollwork? 

Scrollwork and filigre can bring a design from simple to elegant, or even elevate a cake to ornate.  Scrollwork is labor intensive and takes a very steady hand and a designers eye:

Modern "S" Scrolls: fill the entire side of a tier and are uniform, repeating and modern

'C' Scrolls are used to cover the side and top of a tier and are piped in varying sizes to create a pattern which is non-repeating. 

Quilting: is completed on fondant cakes, a tool creates indentations in a diamond pattern.  The cross of the quilting can be filled in with pearls. 

Filigre Scrollwork:  is elegant and flowing,  a classic detail for any design.

Champagne Pearls:  look like bubble in a champagne glass, varying in size from tier to tier, this design is visually appealing and draws your eye to the top of the cake

Swirls & Dots:  whimsical and fresh in design, this type of piping is free-flowing and creates a cake that Alice and the Mad Hatter would love.

Swiss Dots: three tiny dots evenly spaced on the tiers is a classic piped design and can be utlized on formal and informal designs. 

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