Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu & Halloween Menus Now Available

Check out our holiday specials for Thanksgiving and Halloween


Cake Flavors: Creepy Red Velvet, Vanilla Butter, Devilish Chocolate, or Alternating Layers of
Chocolate and Vanilla
Icing: Vanilla Buttercream
Premium Filling: Raspberry, Chocolate Ganache Buttercream, Peanut Butter, or Fresh Strawberries,
Bailey’s Irish Cream
6” Cake - Serves 8-10 $30.00 Premium Filling: Add $4.00
7” Cake - Serves 14-16 $36.00 Premium Filling: Add $6.00
8” Cake - Serves 16-18 $45.00 Premium Filling: Add $10.00
10” Cake - Serves 22-26 $69.00 Premium Filling: Add $10.00
Halloween CupCakes –CupCake Flavors: Devilish Chocolate, Vanilla Butter or Creepy Red Velvet with
Lime Green Vanilla Buttercream
Décor Includes:
- RIP Tombstones - Dark Chocolate Spiders – Sugar Witches Hats – Sugar Pumpkins – Sugar Ghosts -
One Dozen Assortment of Flavors and Décor: $36
Sold Each- $3.25

•CupCake Tray: One dozen cupcakes with handmade autumn decor. Assorted vanilla, pumpkin carrot & chocolate cupcakes. $30.

•7" Pumpkin-Carrot Torte: Cream Cheese Icing with chocolate acorns & sugar leaves $27

Thanksgiving Pies 9" Classic Deep Dish Pies:
•Honey Pumpkin Pie: $14.75
•Deep Dish Apple Pie: $14.75
•Wild Blueberry Pie: $14.75

9" Seasonal Pies:
•Southern Pecan Pie: $17.
•Housemade Mince: $17.
•Double Chocolate Mousse Pie: Chocolate crust with a thin layer of ganache, dark chocolate mousse, real whipped cream, & chocolate shavings - $17.

9" Crumb Pies (bottom crust with fruit topped with oatmeal crumble):
•Apple Crumb Pie: $14.75
•Apple & Local Cranberry Crumb Pie: $14.75
•Blueberry Crumb Pie: $14.75

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