Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Favors: Cake Truffles

About a six months ago one of our brides asked us to start thinking about creating an incredibly special favor for her wedding reception guests. The bride told us how she has been a bridesmaid in 15 diferent weddings and she was tired of the same old favor set at each place setting. But she also kept talking about these cake truffles she had heard about.

After some contemplation I called Carly at 8:00am on Monday morning with an idea: a box of cake truffles in each each guests' room along with a small bottle of Neige Ice Cider.

I had a few sample boxes sent from a supplier and made them up today, these are not in Carly's colors (brown and blue) but don't they look cute!

We'll have the cake truffles for sale at the holidays as gift boxes with an assortment of four varieties with 15 total truffles per box. They come in a variety of flavors: Three Brothers Hazelnut Chocolate, Raspberry White Chocolate, Lemon Twist, Raspberry Chambord, Cookies & Cream, Brute Chocolate Truffle

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