Monday, August 31, 2009

Sculpted Cake: Model T Engine Cake

We created this car engine cake for an 80th Birthday this weekend. The cake replica of a Ford Model T Engine was sculpted in full size to match the original engine. The best part of the story: the customers brought the actual engine to the bakery rather than supplying us with photos. It was such fun perfecting the lettering, cylinders, and other engine parts.

A fan was sculpted from sugarpaste, and then sugar bolts & screws were added - just like the real thing.

The spark plugs to the engine were sculpted out of gumpaste with a flame on top to represent candles.

Our final product measured 20" long by 16" wide and 16" tall.

The car engine cake was delivered to a party in Acushnet, Massachusetts.

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BlackandWhiteink said...

That cake was gigantic! I cant believe it came out so good too. It reminds me of one of my favorite shows, Ace of Cakes. They make beautifully sculpted cakes of all sorts, based on request. The same beauty is present in this Model T sculpture, and it still looks really appetizing. I have been a big Model T fan since I was a little boy, and I can remember my father's, sitting in the driveway.
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